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Grab all the complete information on ISIS UF from the below sections of this Rate My Professors article. At University of Florida, the student advising website is known as ISIS, or Integrated Student Information System. It is been around since the 1990s. The Integrated Student Information System, or ISIS, has been used since January 1997 by students to access important information like schedules and degree status.

ISIS UF – Details of UF’s Student Advising Website – ISIS

The University of Florida is changing the name of its records management system known as “ISIS UF,” a move being applauded by a student who is the cousin of a journalist killed by the terrorist organization of the same name. The school was already in the process of upgrading its Integrated Student Information System database when several students raised concerns about the name.


ISIS UF, the record system, launched on UF’s campus in January 1997. Students use it to check their grades, register for classes and track progress on their degrees. It began with an evaluation of ISIS UF and research into options that would best fit the university’s needs and modernize the infrastructure.


The ultimate decision to change the name comes after a long debate over what possible replacement names would work. Some officials suggested shortening the title down to Student System, or SS for short. Others pushed for United Student Systemic Repository. Ultimately, HAMAS won the debates between officials.

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